Dr. Kristen Montague specializes in helping adults on the autism spectrum, and the people who are important in their lives, to become more successful in all of their relationships, as the people they are. She provides assessment, therapy, education, support, consultation, and training services for individuals, couples, families, and professionals who are living and working with ASD in the greater Seattle area.

I believe most of us, no matter who we are, are trying to have the best possible relationships with each another across a variety of differences. In a family, group, or workplace where one or more members are on the autism spectrum there may be some neurological differences which challenge your relationships with one another in unique ways. My practice provides a variety of services to support each person in such a system to have better relationships with themselves and others. No one is designated as the "problem" in this work. Rather, each person commits to learning new skills which help to make all of the relationships in their lives richer and more successful.

For those in relationship with someone on the spectrum

For professionals working with someone on the autism spectrum